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Anthony Lundberg

I’ve been learning alongside my parents, Barb and Joel, for as long as I can remember. Just recently after graduating Gonzaga University, I have recently jumped into a more full-time position as a loan officer. With a background in finance and a love for technology, I will try to not only create a seamless experience […]

Sarah Miller

I am the newest member of the Wave team, but with 18 years of experience, I’m certainly not new to this business. I’m thrilled to be part of the dedicated team here at Wave Lending. I really enjoy working with our clients and helping make the loan process as quick and stress-free as I can […]

Joel Lundberg

I started in the mortgage business in 2001 and have loved it ever since! Our business philosophy is simply based on the premise to take excellent care of people, and referrals will come…People only think of a mortgage a few times in their lifetime…I think about it every single day. It is my profession and […]

Tara Voorhies

I have been in & out of the mortgage industry for 20 years. I moved to the Pacific NW in 1999 and transferred from back office bank branch support to a position as a loan processor. This is where my mortgage career began. I have been in roles of processing, origination, and marketing throughout my […]

Jessica Moon

I have been in this crazy mortgage business for over 14 years and am so happy I have found my way to Wave Lending. With the constant change and growth of the industry it is a great feeling to work with such a collaborative team to put together each unique loan creating the best experience […]